Weekend Project: Tiny Tiny RSS


Today I’m going to try to begin a new series called “weekend projects”.   This weekend’s project will be installing Tiny Tiny RSS on my own webserver!

I, just like many users, was upset when I heard about Google Reader closing down.  I quickly tried as many RSS readers as I could get my hands on.  There are tons out there, but I decided that Feedly was the best one for me. I like the web interface, as well as iOS and Android apps.  It’s easy to share and bookmark articles, and I’m a sucker for the nice clean interface.

I did more searching around and found Tiny Tiny RSS, an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator.  I have a couple of options here: use my Raspberry Pi, and my dynamic dns URL, or try to install it on Dreamhost.  I will probably try it on both, and post the results of how things go!  Stay tuned for part two of this post!

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