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Glance App for Pebble!




I’m really liking the Pebble watch.  I finally received mine in red – I decided to wait instead of settling for the black version.  Today I decided to try to install Glance, which is an app for Pebble.  It gives you an option to display the weather, plus more notifications if you want to.  Check it out on the Google Play store if you have a Pebble watch and Android phone!

Military Studded Backpack

I was browsing one of my favorite stores online the other day,, and noticed an amazing distressed, studded backpack. Noticing that this backpack was pretty expensive, I decided to try to make the same on my own!  These are the items I purchased:

Rothco Khaki Vintage Backpack

2 x 100 pack of conical studs

and lots of time and patience!  It took me about 10 hours, studding by hand total over a couple of weekends, but I really love the way it came out! I decided to not mess with bleach and/or dyes – but I think it would have come out much better if I did.

Backpack from

Bess Marlow Studded Backpack from


And my own creation:

My own hand studded backpack!























All for 1/10 the price, and the satisfaction of DIY –  I definitely recommend anyone else giving it a try!




Comic shoes

I finally finished my comic shoe project!  I decided to go with Archie comics, my childhood favorite!  Here’s what I did…

Step 1:  Purchase mod podge – you can get this at your local craft store, or online.




















Step 2:  Using a brush or sponge, apply mod podge on a chosen pair of old shoes that you want to cover, along with small strips of your favorite comic book:











Step 3: After applying comic (and taking frequent breaks), let shoe dry for about 30 minutes, or until completely dry.  Note: you can use the mod podge to cover over the comic, not just for underneath!  I used an X-acto knife to cut around the edges of the heel and such. (you can see that I need to do so on the photos below)











Enjoy your new shoes!  It took me a few hours over a weekend to complete these, simply because of cutting up the comic and deciding what pieces go where. Take your time and your effort will pay off!





















Thanks for viewing!